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Honolulu Hell, what can we learn from Professor Panos?

Of course this post is for the DIYer community, if you are a typical Low Information Voter ‘LIV’, this is not for you, move along to that free energy page, maybe order a Hojo Generator, invest in that big air … Continue reading

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In Search Of The Best Fuel/KWH ratio

FOOD FOR CRITICAL THOUGHT IS ALL AROUND US.  A look at a newer engine from China now on the assembly line.  I have been getting calls from a certain off girder who has become obsessed with the idea of fitting a … Continue reading

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CPV Solar, The Real Numbers

  Solar PV Energy is little different from rain in some ways, it’s not how much that falls from the sky, but how much we can channel into our bucket and make use of. That might be a major problem with the … Continue reading

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Import of Engines, Air Compressors, or other crated Items. Lovson News!

 I’ve told stories for many years about importers being black listed for not addressing the real and harsh expenses associated with disposing of bug infested wooden crates inside or outside of a container shipment.  Darren Hill down in Northland NZ, was in near shock WHEN … Continue reading

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The MOST important DIYer project of all? Build the Axial Flux

                        During the Spring Break, I had my oldest Grand Son over, at 10 years old, he’s nuts about Legos, his bicycle, and of course computer games. While we were spending time together, I reflected … Continue reading

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A DIYer/Vendor Veteran Needs your Prayers.

No doubt.. no one pleases every Customer, but Joel Koch out of Portland, Oregon has given his best effort in doing so over the years, and he’s found some endeavors less than profitable. Part of the reason for that is his past … Continue reading

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Tony Dovey

He’s not afraid to travel!  As part of his business research, you might find him in China, India, and places in between. His home and market is South Africa. His goal is to deliver reliable products for a fair price, … Continue reading

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Xantrex 3000

There are a lot of things you buy cialis 10mg can do with this kind of power aboard your motor home, truck, and even for off grid living. I post this as a service to readers, I like the fact … Continue reading

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