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For Sale: Complete Lister generator with PMG for sale!

It’s all a little south of Seattle.   This item sold in 30 minutes, with back up offers, it has a new home in Oregon.. I am buried in projects, and this must go soon, it’s blocking part of the … Continue reading

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ST5 generator head for sale in Bloomington IN.

John L is a retired Engineer, and wrote a few articles here on Burning Wood. John is moving south, and attempting to lighten his load.  He say’s he’ll make somone a good deal. Of course we all know, the best … Continue reading

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My latest field trip, remote places in Alaska.

17 years of intensive study of Alternative Power Production has made me a skeptic in so many ways. It’s not that there isn’t good equipment and decent investments, it’s that there are so many people who would sell you the wrong thing … Continue reading

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Watts in your Gen Shed?

Just thought we could have a thread where folks can list what equipment they have put together for their off-grid systems. It may also be educational to know what appliances are used. I’ll start with my stuff. We live on … Continue reading

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Question of of the day 10-14-13

  Hello, I bought an AURORA 6500 diesel generator in 2009. When I had the manual transfer switch installed in the house, the electrician told me to have my generator looked at. Well, I have had one disappointing experience after … Continue reading

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You Bottled Beer, maybe you will start bottling your Lube oil too?

It was Greg West in Hawaii who kept telling me how thrilled he was with his new Yamaha EF2000IS inverter Generator. I checked the price at Amazon, $1138.00 delivered to my home. That’s a bunch for a generator rated at … Continue reading

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Email of the Day from down Under.

I always enjoy questions from our Cousins down under. Ever meet a Yankee or Canook that didn’t enjoy themselves when they visited down below? From: Kerin Whitxxx <> Subject: Listeroid Message Body: G,Day  mate, wonder if you can help me … Continue reading

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Question: ‘My Electrician Said’

  Here’s Kent’s question, and you already know I can’t comment without adding a rant. Please do add your comments: George I don’t have a main breaker, I have a lever in my meter box to disconnect from city power. … Continue reading

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Question of the day 5/20/2013, Aeromotor Fan

A question from Jeff H. Subject: windmill retrofit Message Body: I was curious about retrofitting old Aeromotor windmills with a belt reduction to a commonly available truck alternator. With the advent of serpentine belts, it sounds that much more possible. My … Continue reading

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