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Isaac Tests A DIY Kiss Design

As I often say, the power of utterpower is getting reports from DIYers around the world, what works and what doesn’t. A lot of us like the two bearing generators when we can find them. One thing I like is trouble … Continue reading

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Crazy Jerry Has a new project! 110 MPG car..

  It wasn’t that long ago, I was talking to Steve Spense, of Green Trust Org. I think I mentioned Jerry Bartlett’s name to Steve, and he paused.. “Jerry.. you know Jerry?” I guess I wanted to say who doesn’t know Jerry … Continue reading

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A Popular DIYer Generator Build

 ‘Wife Friendly’, A Smart Engineering Excercise.    My personal thanks to Phil for his years of sharing what works and what doesn’t, and his good finds on surplus items. Phil is plenty happy with his new diesel and this may be what our DIYer … Continue reading

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The FOLK Alternator

If you read about Rud’s DIYer Gen set in Thailand, you saw that most interesting ‘FOLK’ branded generator head. What’s interesting is Rud bought this in Thailand, and he thinks it might be made there. From what I see, I’d guess the … Continue reading

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Bill Rogers’ Book on Home Power

Electrical Engineer, Motor Head, and he’s one of us! Yes, Bill also likes to DIY, you can switch from subjects like reactive loads, to sun gears, motorcycles, fuel injection, and more, Bill’s either right with you, or a step ahead. … Continue reading

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The Amazing “Kill A Watt Meter”

It’s a tool designed around one of the principle philosophies of utterpower, do your own math! >>> Buy a Kill A Watt Here I’ve mentioned this handy and inexpensive device many times, it gives the DIYer a very inexpensive method … Continue reading

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Utterpower Thermostat Housing

A very popular item in the UtterPower parts bin is our custom Thermostat Housing sold to hundreds of DIYers for Lister and Chinese horizontals. Note: The world is not a static place, this thermostat fits the upper coolant port in most all … Continue reading

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