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Another Off Gridder belts up the PMG

Thanks to Bill Rogers, the Utterpower PMG was designed with certain voltage characteristics that has made it ideal to charge batteries utilizing the build in chargers in the better and more serious inverters like the Outbacks. We believe this is one of the primary missions for … Continue reading

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Direct Drive VS Serpentine Belt Drive in Small Power Applications

Here’s a question I was recently asked:  “George if a engine is directly coupled to a generator head is it easier on the motor power wise? Darryl” I do scratch my head when I see the use of the term … Continue reading

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The Amazing “Kill A Watt Meter”

It’s a tool designed around one of the principle philosophies of utterpower, do your own math! >>> Buy a Kill A Watt Here I’ve mentioned this handy and inexpensive device many times, it gives the DIYer a very inexpensive method … Continue reading

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