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A Free DIYer Generator Head?

It may have happened when I was exchanging  emails with a Customer on Guam after the Island was hit by a large storm and people were without power for months.  I received several pictures of generators that died for all kinds of reasons and formed … Continue reading

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Email from Zimbabwe, Governors

11/13/2010 Hi George, I have a Changfa engine 1110 engine running a ST generator head , In the last few weeks I have replaced my pulley on the gen head and engine with high quality pulleys , at the same … Continue reading

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A DIYer’s Observation, Induction Motors

Rich Barber writes about a curious situation he describes below. I figure this is a learning situation for many of us, and there might be some fun applications as well. I tag on a very expensive lesson I learned, and it was … Continue reading

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New Videos on the way, Here’s the Pumphouse in HD

Finally, I figgured out how to make a higher resoultion video with my camera and editing software.. expect better videos from us. This is in 720 HD, and it’s a short video of the Easton Pump house, the generator’s principle job … Continue reading

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