New Videos on the way, Here’s the Pumphouse in HD

Finally, I figgured out how to make a higher resoultion video with my camera and editing software.. expect better videos from us.

This is in 720 HD, and it’s a short video of the Easton Pump house, the generator’s principle job is to charge the water tank or run the deep well pump in irrigation mode, the water line to the cabin is nearly 600 feet long, there are also buried power runs that allow this generator to feed the Power House, Cabin, combination storage, and shower house. There’s a second Lister/PMG set that can power these sites as well through interlocks.

OH.. the whistling…I will learn not to do that!

Look forward to daily additions, and think about using that RSS link.

George B.

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5 Responses to New Videos on the way, Here’s the Pumphouse in HD

  1. Burton says:

    Improvements on your site look great!

  2. Brian says:

    Nice video! and nice pumphouse! One question, with all the open spaces I see there do you someday plan on planting crops to produce vegetable oil/Biodiesel?

    • George B. says:

      Good Question Brian, this property is located up against the eastern side of the cascade mountain range here in washington state. The growing season is somewhat short.
      My main crop here is beautiful wild flowers of many kinds. According to the very nice lady who works for the county, they are all illegal, in fact… she refers to them as noxious weeds!
      It would be fun to figure some kind of crop that would grow here, most property is used for grazing live stock, or for forrestry. Winds can be lively enough to be hard on vegatable crops, small gardens are often sheltered by a hedge on the up wind side. I know zero about crops, might be too old to learn how to grow more than weeds…

  3. George,
    The new HD video looks great! – the well water looks so clean – I am impressed. I assume the legendary CS6/1 powers a PMG to run the well pump? What sort of pump do you use George? I am thinking of sinking a bore to obtain extra water for the new gardens on the farm here in Australia – the water divining signal was strong but I am not talented enough to know how that translates in to depth at this stage.

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