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The Worst Cabin Design I’ve seen

July 15th 2012, another trip to the Cowiche Mountains I’m back from a wonderful four day stay in the Mountains some 30 miles due west of Yakima. Four wonderful and peaceful days used to reflect on lessons learned, and mistakes … Continue reading

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Lessons Learned this week in the Mountains, and news of the next bad investment in Delaware

Some of the best thinking I do is in the Mountains. This last trip was a special one.   I’ve had more than 30 years to observe the animals and the plants up here and I’m just beginning to know what … Continue reading

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A Few Days In Heaven.

The above photo is one of many beautiful places between Reynolds Creek and the South Fork of the Cowiche.  Much of this property is on private lands, so know where you travel, and mind your manners.  It was well over 20 years ago, I saw … Continue reading

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Cowiche Mountains

As a last post of 2010, I think this year has left many of us with the understanding that we best trust in God and ourselves. Many of our Brothers and Sisters seem to know only the easy roads, they refuse to travel … Continue reading

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When Things Go Wrong: What’s At The Heart of Your Emergency Power?

What does a Sears brand refrigerator have to do with a generator?  I think a bunch. In 2009, we bought a new fridge from Sears. Due to a sticky crisper drawer and carelessness, I cracked the front of the plastic … Continue reading

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Water Supply

Over 20 years ago, my friend, Kathie Costanich, discovered a plant growing about 100 paces from our high mountain cabin. She came over to the construction site (we were setting rafters on the cabin) and explained that there was a … Continue reading

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