Learning By Doing

Many of us believe we are living that Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times”.

Hands-on learning is powerful, and I think I have a great example of a person who is learning at an accelerated rate due to her interest and her obvious intellect and curiosity. She is willing to play with the boys and get her hands dirty.

She drops several hints of her deep understanding of technology, and it started with an idea to deliver chicken sandwiches on campus.

A person in her position is often an information sponge, hungry for knowledge, and learns there’s never enough time to study all the topics and acquire the skills and knowledge that might make you successful.

Her toolkit includes Palantir tools, and she thinks it is of great value.  Palantir missed its earnings with a late-arriving analyst who tossed out an outlying higher expectation than the rest at the last minute.  Had he not done that, PLNTR stock might have doubled the price.

Here’s the link in case you choose to watch, part of my watching might involve buying a few shares of PLNTR.

All the best!

George B


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  1. Thanks for the stock tip, George.

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