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For Sale in AZ, 1115 Changfa, 10KW ST Gen head, and more

Some years back Martin D, one of our older and more experienced DIYers started building his own GEN SET in Sierra Vista, AZ which lies about 70 miles from Tuson. At the Time Martin made his purchase, Changfa was delivering some fairly good stuff, complaints were low, any failures were … Continue reading

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Utterpower ST Generator Mod

Please see our PMG pages, we don’t sell these pieces at this time, but it’s easy for you to make your own. This plate has common hole centers of approximately 2 inches by six inches Advantages of this kit 1. … Continue reading

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Wiring Trouble

Manufacturers might change their wiring at any time, consider this an example only. Some manufacturers have changed their wiring! Newer heads have what they think is a handy terminal strip on the side of the dog house. The first step … Continue reading

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