For Sale in AZ, 1115 Changfa, 10KW ST Gen head, and more

Some years back Martin D, one of our older and more experienced DIYers started building his own GEN SET in Sierra Vista, AZ which lies about 70 miles from Tuson. At the Time Martin made his purchase, Changfa was delivering some fairly good stuff, complaints were low, any failures were normally attributed to operator error.  Martin also has one of the heavier ST heads if I remember correctly. He fabricated a heavy eye beam frame, installed the drive coupler, cooling system and more.  I’d be very surprised if you didn’t find his fab work top notch, he’s ran the engine for five minutes or less, but his health has not allowed him to do more.

There’s several reasons I post this, one… Martin is one of our more senior members, and even with his health slipping, he took on a project that non diyers are intimidated by, he’s squeezed a lot of living into his years and I admire him.  Martin has decided it’s time to sell this equipment. This is your chance to help out a very humble and likable member of our community who needs to lighten up his toy box.  In return, you might avoid a costly shipping bill for some real heavy stuff… ‘good as new’…

Martin does have a lap top and will likely answer your email try  mart (at)

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