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You Bottled Beer, maybe you will start bottling your Lube oil too?

It was Greg West in Hawaii who kept telling me how thrilled he was with his new Yamaha EF2000IS inverter Generator. I checked the price at Amazon, $1138.00 delivered to my home. That’s a bunch for a generator rated at … Continue reading

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Shineray 250cc Water Cooled Engine Wiring

What do you do when you search the net and every blog and can’t find the wiring info? What are all those wire leads out of the Shineray 250cc Water Cooled Electric Start unit with Reverse? If someone is offering … Continue reading

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March 26, an important message to pass along to your KIDs

The real  face of Evil? I think so.. Selling magic in order to stay in power is the worst kind of evil, and here we have the Queen of all Witch Doctors, vote for me, and take the easy road.. My muse for … Continue reading

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Email of the day March 12, 2013, Pay for a Guess?

        Subject: power tech diesel – RV from: Angela P.  Message Body: My boyfriend is first time owner of a 99 Dutch Star RV. We’ve read owner’s manual together, trying to figure everything out, but not much … Continue reading

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February 27, 2013 Email of the day.

Today I received and interesting email about an ST head that would not  self excite. From: Rick S. Subject: ST Head Message Body: Hi George, I bought your Utterpower Cd a few years ago and had trouble free running a  Lister with the … Continue reading

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I get smoke on crank, but no fire!

Warning!  Big Flywheels Engines Are Dangerous!  Potentially more dangerous that an AR15.  Anytime you are trouble shooting, you will have the air cleaner off, and be ready to cut off the air supply at the first sign of over speed.      … Continue reading

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Email of the Day, 1-22-13 Ethanol blends

Dave in Oz writes about Ethanol fuel.. Hi George, I have enjoyed reading your site for many years. I finally got hold of my own listeroid and have been playing with that setting it up. Many people don’t understand my … Continue reading

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Zach Asks: Is your generator ready for winter?

Zach Says, Our Standby Generator is AOK, it ran for 50 hours last year, and now with my Sister Ava, it’s nice to know we can make a few KW to run the fan in the gas furnace, run the … Continue reading

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