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Sharon Silke Carty, Comments on the Chevy Volt.

Carty, Dip Stick Of The Week? Finally! We have an answer as to why such a popular car has poor sales figures!   If you’re like me, you’re sure if one out of every 50 people who told you they liked the Volt bought … Continue reading

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In the news this AM, Chevy Volt, and a lesson in Value Engineering

March 2nd 2012 is a date to remember, the Chevy Volt Factory DID shut down Friday due to lack of orders. Government Motors simply missed the price point.    All those Qued up orders from California, thousands upon thousands they told us, … Continue reading

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Get yours Now! The Government is here to help!

Hybrid Prototype Above: This Gem is owned by a collector, there’s a big three phase motor under the hood. This truck was owned by a carnival, and as the story goes, two Carni Maintenance Men designed the truck, they needed … Continue reading

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The Moment of Truth? Who Killed The Electric Car?

Feb 2, 2012 http://www.greentechmedia.com/articles/read/What-Options-Would-You-Like-With-Your-Tesla-EV/ http://canterburyheritage.blogspot.com/2009/04/early-christchurch-electric-vehicles.html The first significant advancement in Electric Vehicles was likely battery technology that allowed you to recharge numerous times, and even allow the cells to set discharged for years without  damage. I think it was a Nickle-Iron cell made by … Continue reading

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August Update on Chevy Volt, Here's your chance to learn beyond your years.

Here’s your chance to learn a lot about the Car Business and life in general. will you pay attention? First.. just a little background… let me set the stage for this blistering article I’ll share. Designing any new car is a huge undertaking, … Continue reading

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Who Killed the Electric Car? June 2011 Sales Figures may hold the answer.

Who else is sitting on their hands waiting for the June sales figures for Chevy Volt, Leaf, and others you might find worthy of parking in your garage? Do you know one of those people that bashes Big Oil and also … Continue reading

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Do you ride a bicycle?

http://www.investors.com/NewsAndAnalysis/Article/550957/201010191855/Volt-Fraud-At-Government-Motors.aspx read the comments, you’ll see it all… but the larger issue is who pays for the car? If there’s one thing that We Americans have enjoyed up till now, it’s the freedom to choose our form of transportation. If … Continue reading

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