Do you ride a bicycle?

read the comments, you’ll see it all… but the larger issue is who pays for the car?

If there’s one thing that We Americans have enjoyed up till now, it’s the freedom to choose our form of transportation. If we choose to ride a bicycle, we dont pay gas tax, Auto insurance, nor do we pay for oil, gas or the maintenance for the car. when you add it all up, it can be a huge savings, and for folks that like a simple life and are not traveling far, it can work well.

One thing about DIYers, most of us don’t pick on vegetarians who ride bicycles everywhere, we recognize it as their right, and it’s part of the American dream to live a simple and uncomplicated life if you like, hats off to them.

But all of this is coming to an end faster than you know, or at least the benifits of living the simple life. Let’s take the new Chevy Volt for instance…some not so bright people think it really will get 23o MPG, others think it’ll be worth the $40,000 price tag. Of course we say “to each his own” if you’re a  dumb ass and want to buy it, have at it…. But… it’s far worse that that!

Back to the bicycle, the reason to own one and use one are many, for one, it keeps you fit, healthy, and lean, and not to mention the financial gain, all that money you would have spent on an auto; you can use to travel to far aways places, or sit home and play pong if you still have the game.  Fact is, you’ll still be forced to buy a lot of Chevy Volts through the new subsidy program. You see this car is so expensive, few can afford it, so the US Government needs to force you to help the idiot that buys one pay for it. Now if you’re smart and buy a Ford instead, you still have to pay off the Chevy your Neighbor bought, how FAIR is that?


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2 Responses to Do you ride a bicycle?

  1. Derek Curlee says:

    Looked at the specs on the Chevy Volt. You only get 35 to 40 miles per charge before the gas engine comes online. Then it takes up to 10 hours to recharge on 110vac. I live in Texas, we drive more than 40 miles a day 90% of the time. I just don’t think this car will be practical. Couldn’t find any info on battery life in stop and go traffic, like California commuters going back and fourth to work would be dealing with either.

    • George B. says:

      If you want to look at a very practical car for a practical price, look at europe’s 1.3 liter turbo diesel suzuki. 62 miles per gallon, enough performance to be fun, and it has an incredible driving range. What will happen with the Volt is perspective buyers will rightfully not want to buy a used one. Government Motors will find it necessary to ‘subsidize’ the price of the lithium battery OR extend the warranty in order to make a ‘used car sale’.

      Greenies are more likely than not technically challenged and don’t understand the war going on over rare earth… the fact is… China wants to sell it value added and they currently have 95% of the world’s rare earth. Those who have the gold make the rules. They’ll soon be making the entire drive train or no sale. They rightfully want their people employed first.

      The Suzuki diesel on the other hand is trouble fee, provides an excellent value to the consumer, and doesn’t take subsidies to sell. The Suzuki can burn biofuel or even petrol diesel with very low emissions with the new emissions equipment.

      Few seem to get it… subsidies mean you help the other person buy it, but since you don’t see the hand reaching into your wallet directly, you might not complain till you see that your dollar buys a whole bunch less through the devaluation of your savings. Of course… Subsidies is one of the reasons Americans shouldn’t save, and should not invest in the US Dollar. Those in Washington DC look at solutions that might get them re-elected, seldom do they do a thing to build a stronger country.

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