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  1. Special thanks to you George for facilitating the supply of the legendary serpentine pulleys to Australia for Ozlisteroids. It is hard to imagine anyone wanting to use any pulley other than one of these – their high quality reflects the time you and others have spent designing, testing and retesting to come up with an extremely simple and resilient power transmission system. I was actually surprised to find out how quiet the PK 6 and 8 groove belts are.

    • George B. says:

      Stephen, Note on Utterpower KISS Pulleys:
      At the end of the day, the only thing that counts is the cost of a KWH produced. A major factor is the cost of components. There are those who will design with more rare and expensive parts, but I believe we need design around the most available parts and pieces that offer efficiency and that may change from Market to Market.

      Here in North America, it’s the K section serpentine, cheap and can be purchased anywhere. Mad Max might remind you that there are also many usable belts in junked cars, so you may find one free. Of course, there are other advantages, and one is being able to tune your drive ratio to your typical daily loads off grid. Some of the cocksure back yard engineers think the direct drive is most efficient, but we need to let the Fuel/KWH numbers speak for themselves. I remember years back a union labor man told me of his wise investment; he had purchased an industrial pulley and belt at twice the cost, but knew it must be far better for the purpose. Wait until he needs a belt, or decides to change the ratio a bit to optimize fuel/KWh figures 🙂 Our lead ‘off grid dog’ here has 5 years of running on a bargain belt from the auto discount and too cheap to change it out as a maintenance item. At the end of the day, the smartest thing a person can do is his own math. Thanks for the comment.

      George B.

  2. Neil says:

    Can I please have a price on having a book and cd combo sent to Victoria, Australia.
    I am yet to recieve a reply to my direct email. Love the website. Its good to have access to actual experience and practical tests.

  3. a trucker otr.i have a 6k rigmaster for trucks on my interest is can your generater hook to my engine by pulley power?i want to installl an extra a/c unit that runs off batteries that the alternater charges / seperate batteries.i want to be able to run the auxillary a/c unit off the generater from my engine.basically it would be like running my generater ,which is diesel,while im driving to run a/c.i want seperate generater to do this and run by my 500hp caterpillar.i need much help,my lack of knowledge is killing me. thanks steve j. morrison………please help….

    • George B. says:

      Steve, not sure I followed all you are trying to do, the PMG like most alternators must run at a fixed RPM to make proper frequency. It’s possible to rig up an alternator off the main engine but I’d hate to figure the cost of a KWH, and the wear and tear on idling the main engine just to run a small alternator. Going down the road… no good..

      People use the PMG to build units similiar to the rig master…BTW, rig master looks like a good product.

  4. Tim Ertz says:

    Does anyone make a 2 kW to 5 kW low rpm 4 pole electric generator head.

    • George B. says:

      Yes, there are a few out there that are 4 pole, but the two pole units properly designed give up nothing unless you are looking to direct drive at 1500/3000 or 1800 or 3600 RPM.
      Maybe a reader will post a supplier? ST heads are currently growing worse in quality, make sure you know what your supplier promises BEFORE you buy.. remember, the world is not static, things change.

  5. James K Waterman says:

    Do you sell any parts anymore? Listeroid pulleys ? the “famous” CD? Place seems dead. Thanks

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