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My latest field trip, remote places in Alaska.

17 years of intensive study of Alternative Power Production has made me a skeptic in so many ways. It’s not that there isn’t good equipment and decent investments, it’s that there are so many people who would sell you the wrong thing … Continue reading

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Watts in your Gen Shed?

Just thought we could have a thread where folks can list what equipment they have put together for their off-grid systems. It may also be educational to know what appliances are used. I’ll start with my stuff. We live on … Continue reading

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Hands on DIYer off Grid Power, Dave Clough, Joseph OR

Joseph Oregon is one of those Towns where it pays to be handy. It’s not so easy to find that high paying job in paradise, but who needs the big money?  The natural beauty of the Area  attracts tourists, but like most small towns at … Continue reading

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Magic Hot Springs Idaho, a lesson about the Value of “Hands On” knowledge in Alternative Energy.

Maybe you remember my Introduction to Jack Belk and his story about Magic HOT Springs Idaho? It was a perfect example of smart men doing really dumb things, or at least really dumb according to my standards. Since Jack’s original … Continue reading

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A Few Days In Heaven.

The above photo is one of many beautiful places between Reynolds Creek and the South Fork of the Cowiche.  Much of this property is on private lands, so know where you travel, and mind your manners.  It was well over 20 years ago, I saw … Continue reading

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Some of us DIYers live under a tarp in the jungle

But not DIYer Pat Wade and his Wife. They’ve found a slice of paradize, and having built their dream home with solar panels, MPPTs and Inverters, they live in comfort and with internet and  voice communications! Good surfing on the other side of the reef that … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Survival Weapon: The Pressure Cooker

Introduction to Greg West:   The following article is written by Greg, a friend who started a new life on an Island Jungle Plot he purchased over a year ago where he currently runs an internet business from a dish and lap top.  He has plenty … Continue reading

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Wind Turbines

Same as many other DIYers interested in AE, I have watched the development of wind power for more than 30 years. In my opinion there are two markets here, the big boys, and commercial ventures is an interesting study, and … Continue reading

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