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Email of the Day from down Under.

I always enjoy questions from our Cousins down under. Ever meet a Yankee or Canook that didn’t enjoy themselves when they visited down below? From: Kerin Whitxxx <> Subject: Listeroid Message Body: G,Day  mate, wonder if you can help me … Continue reading

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Question: ‘My Electrician Said’

  Here’s Kent’s question, and you already know I can’t comment without adding a rant. Please do add your comments: George I don’t have a main breaker, I have a lever in my meter box to disconnect from city power. … Continue reading

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Question of the day 5/20/2013, Aeromotor Fan

A question from Jeff H. Subject: windmill retrofit Message Body: I was curious about retrofitting old Aeromotor windmills with a belt reduction to a commonly available truck alternator. With the advent of serpentine belts, it sounds that much more possible. My … Continue reading

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A Cloud Edge Effect?

In a world so full of BS, skepticism pays a rather huge dividend, but this is real…. Was it yesterday,  good friend and excellent PE Bill Rogers sent me a picture of his Outback Display, and a higher KW reading than … Continue reading

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A Wiki Page for the Amonix Alamosa CPV Solar Generating Plant.

  Thank You WIKI In today’s world; Honey Boo Boo grabs the headlines, and until last night, there was not a single person interested in challenging  what I post on this hobby site as personal opinion about Amonix. Then an email arrives last … Continue reading

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Email of the day: Generator VS Alternator 1-23-13

Email received: George: I have acquired a Lister/Petter 12hp one lunger. My mechanic assures me that it sips fuel at 800RPM(2/3pint to 1 pint/hour) and will produce 4KW-5KW. So I am on my way so to speak.  My question is this, which … Continue reading

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Email of the day, what you think of this? 12-3-2012

Hi George  What do you think of this. Its a local company with awards and investors but no large scale prototypes. You put this funnel on top of a building and have the turbine turning on ground level.   … Continue reading

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Email of the day 11/14/12

Today I received an email about a simple DIY washing machine I put up on you tube at channel ‘georgeutterpower’. The washer uses a Honda Auto Wiper Motor, and borrows the bell crank and one of the rods with end fittings that … Continue reading

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NREL’s Amonix Pages

    CPV? maybe that was last week’s focus? The Amonix 7700s have been in the field  and operational at Hatch New Mexico for a year now..  And 30 Mega Watts worth in Alamosa Colorado.  All we hear is the sound of silence….And this follows … Continue reading

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Concentrated Photo Voltaic, a Primer for non-techie types that will get you up to speed fast!

It’s May day, You have just hours before you go to Dinner with your Spouse and a leading expert in the Field of CPV, what will you read in order to at least act half way interested, and perhaps even engage him in a … Continue reading

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