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I get smoke on crank, but no fire!

Warning!  Big Flywheels Engines Are Dangerous!  Potentially more dangerous that an AR15.  Anytime you are trouble shooting, you will have the air cleaner off, and be ready to cut off the air supply at the first sign of over speed.      … Continue reading

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Email of the day, Calculating Fuel Consumption

A great Question from Eric Today. Message Body: Hi George, I have been trying to find info on how to calculate the fuel consumption for a backup generator that I would like to build, but am not having much luck. … Continue reading

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Chinese Horizontal Engine Failure

Yes.. some of you had given up on hearing about what actually caused that failure of a Chinese Horizontal in Fiji? Our friend and fellow DIYer Noel Douglas had been focused on other tasks, and was finally able to inspect those bushings, and … Continue reading

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I really like my new power plant

I hear that all the time, and I do remember telling myself that years ago, and then it dawned on me…… I had that feeling it was meeting my expectations, but compared to what? I really hadn’t compared it to others in … Continue reading

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Smart Charger? SC1000A Swanson Calls, You’re getting a little carried away…

Perhaps a picture is in order? Added Note: 11/29/2011, I’ve decided to put further testing of this product here. Scrolldown, and look at the comments and dates. Yes.. I got a call from one of Techs I worked with starting when … Continue reading

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How Smart are Smart Products? A story told on Thanks Giving.

  Yesterday’s Story is still fresh in my mind, and I’m still processing how typical Product Development is conducted and how I might  do it. Here’s my story for Thanks Giving, perhaps your Kitchen is starting to smell heavenly same as ours … Continue reading

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Bronze Idler Gears

Bronze Idler Gears in the Lister Types (Listeroids), Bronze Gear In Lister Types? Update: I’ve added a link to a YouTube video, it is amazing how many people are cocksure they know what they’re talking about. I remember the call I got … Continue reading

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Utterpower Test Bench: 3KW PMG

If you look at the PMG testing, you can see that you can prove it good or bad in a few minutes even if you can’t spell ‘lectricity. Most are not aware that there is a high end generator set … Continue reading

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