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Email of the Day, Renewable Energy Idea

Subject: New Type of Renewable Energy Message: Hello, my name is Brian F. Though I’m an English teacher, I have always had a passion for chemistry.  In the last year, I have begun to develop a new type of renewable … Continue reading

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Smart Charger? SC1000A Swanson Calls, You’re getting a little carried away…

Perhaps a picture is in order? Added Note: 11/29/2011, I’ve decided to put further testing of this product here. Scrolldown, and look at the comments and dates. Yes.. I got a call from one of Techs I worked with starting when … Continue reading

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Ballistics, a great place to learn some basics

Experimenter P.O. Ackley is a fun read, you will find some of his books are still in print after many years, and they’re well worth your time.  It was in hunting camp this year I decided to ask a question.. why? I guess … Continue reading

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Compressed Air Energy Storage

In todays world, so many professional and non professional people seem to be impressed most by technology that either doesn’t exist, or technology that clearly hasn’t proven a return on investment. There’s a lot of money being made by producing products and installing equipment that will never provide a return on investment, at the heart of those efforts are government subsidies paid for out of our pockets. Now that we all understand that Ethanol production is a boon doggle the tax payers are paying for, watch your elected officials do all they can to protect it, it’s part of the Good Ole Boy program, and even if it helps lead to our demise as a country, they’ll attempt to keep the program going. I bet PowerSouth didn’t get a dime in subsidies to build their CAES unit, they likey did it for old fashion American reasons, “it’ll actually pay for itself” and help sustain real jobs that pay real wages in the areas PowerSouth serves. Continue reading

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A Windy Day in May

                      Do you remember when Forrest Gump Invested in the Fruit Company (Apple) and made some serious money? I’ve been thinking about the analogy of investing in a fruit company … Continue reading

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And Important Read on EVs for Hands on DIYers

More Wisedom from a Successful Professional in the Energy Business. Sure…. you’ve read article after article about how cool Electric Vehicles are, and how they’re our future.  One of the first things to annoy a real hands-on DIYer is the fact that many … Continue reading

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I’m fascinated by some of the posts I see in forums regarding magnet motors. Today I saw one about a motor that ‘powered’ a motorcycle. Language like this is at the heart of misunderstanding by those who care too little about learning the very basics … Continue reading

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Double your efficiency with a VFD!

That’s what one who visits Utterpower’s pages suggests. Here’s an email snippet.. “What I am trying to say is that i think that PMG only requires 1hp electric motor for every 1kw output and that should be clearly seen at the input of the VFD … Continue reading

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