I’m fascinated by some of the posts I see in forums regarding magnet motors. Today I saw one about a motor that ‘powered’ a motorcycle. Language like this is at the heart of misunderstanding by those who care too little about learning the very basics which would immunize them from being played for suckers.  Motors by definition require an external power source. When you see a person use the term ‘motor’ in place of engine, it’s an indicator you might pay attention to.  Sure, there’s a lot of slang out there, but when a person is attempting to communicate in technical terms, they are normally careful to use the correct term. If they fail to do so, it’s often the sign that they are far more a salesmen than a Technician.  DIYers sort it out, but it’s not so easy for those who slept through eight grade science class.

The following video is another Gem, there’s all kinds of them of course. The question I have for you.. After watching this, do you think this guy knows Ohm’s law?

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