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Amonix Hatch Power Plant is Still Cooling

  While all but one green tech site discusses little more than marketing  hype, I have been watching the real power production figures to get a better idea of how Amonix 7700s really perform compared to thin film or other non concentrated … Continue reading

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Solar CPV (VS) Mono Crystaline and Thin Film Flat Plate Arrays.

  Zach Says… Check the Math yourself.   At the end of the day, it is the ‘Hands On’ AE Enthusiast’s responsibility to validate some of the data we are given. If we make no efforts; we are perhaps more guilty that the people we call … Continue reading

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CPV Solar, The Real Numbers

  Solar PV Energy is little different from rain in some ways, it’s not how much that falls from the sky, but how much we can channel into our bucket and make use of. That might be a major problem with the … Continue reading

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Concentrated Photo Voltaic, a Primer for non-techie types that will get you up to speed fast!

It’s May day, You have just hours before you go to Dinner with your Spouse and a leading expert in the Field of CPV, what will you read in order to at least act half way interested, and perhaps even engage him in a … Continue reading

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