Amonix Hatch Power Plant is Still Cooling

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While all but one green tech site discusses little more than marketing  hype, I have been watching the real power production figures to get a better idea of how Amonix 7700s really perform compared to thin film or other non concentrated power plants.

Today was most interesting to watch, a lot of cloud cover in New Mexico today, there were periods where Hatch did little to nothing, and the road runner power plant did about 20% under very similar clouds.    Playing  the road runner against the Hatch power plant, the YTD figures show that Hatch has made about 58% of the power production (per MW)  of installed equipment as the road runner power plant. 

If you were able to look at the daily production, you’d note that the plant continues to degrade. My best guess is the YTD compares at the end of this year will show Hatch making around 53% or less of what the RoadRunner makes per MW of installed plant. The data suggests the degrade will continue.


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