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Email of the day: Generator VS Alternator 1-23-13

Email received: George: I have acquired a Lister/Petter 12hp one lunger. My mechanic assures me that it sips fuel at 800RPM(2/3pint to 1 pint/hour) and will produce 4KW-5KW. So I am on my way so to speak.  My question is this, which … Continue reading

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Zach Asks: Is your generator ready for winter?

Zach Says, Our Standby Generator is AOK, it ran for 50 hours last year, and now with my Sister Ava, it’s nice to know we can make a few KW to run the fan in the gas furnace, run the … Continue reading

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Email of the day, Ozzie Greg asks about stock fuel tanks on Lister Clones.

Name  Greg F. Subject: Fuel tank Message: Hi George, Thank you for your informative CD. One thing I notice a common thread on is the poor quality of the Indian fuel tanks as supplied with their “CS Listeroids” Who makes … Continue reading

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Q and A: Flywheels and the Cost of a KWH

Question for George: Hi George, I’m also a big believer in big (or heavy) flywheels. It appears that a weighty rotating mass will smooth the output of a genset. Listeroid engines have such flywheels and are blessed in this regard. … Continue reading

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Utterpower PMG Stolen

This could be fun, there’s  little chance the person who took a DIYer built generator powered by a small single cylinder Kubota and using one of utterpower’s early single voltage PMGs (120VAC only) realizes how unique it is! It’s now a … Continue reading

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