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Happy New Year 2020 DIYers!

Zach behind the wheel, His Sister Ava in the passenger seat. Continue reading

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The Home Power Producer’s Guide to Electrical Reality is now on line at Amazon.

Kindle sales were light, and the rewards even lighter, so Bill canceled the effort.  I do have a way to deliver you a digital copy should you decide to make a small donation to keep utterpower info online. All the … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Muse, March 4, 2013

Today’s Muse, the DIYer Rifle and it’s development.     The time has come and this will happen, it’s only a matter of time, could it be part of your new online business?  Will there  be a Yahoo forum focused on … Continue reading

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Your New Job? Today's Muse. Jan 17 2013

Some make reference to tea leaves, others to a crystal ball,  but perhaps it’s really easier to predict the future than many of us know? Might I have predicted the 2013 ‘Toy Of The Year? a book report Read on…    … Continue reading

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Xantrex 3000 Inverter Chargers

Republished from the UtterPower archives. Originally this article announced some used Xantrex 3000 Inverter/chargers that were for sale directly from Xantrex. You can always check with them to see what they have in stock. Do not confuse the Xantrex 3000 inverter with lower efficiency units … Continue reading

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Lighting: Making Your Informed Choice

My experience with CFLs has been mixed, Living in Washington State there’s a subsidy to take advantage of, and I have bought a large supply of 12-15 WATT indoor CFLs for a price that amounts to the state sales tax, I … Continue reading

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The Joys of Importing

I’ll never forget some of the posts a certain fellow in Canada made in a forum about ‘Dealers’ and their Capitialist ways. He showed his complete ignorance of the challenges of import when he posted that a buyer should not have to pay … Continue reading

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Bill Rogers’ Book on Home Power

Electrical Engineer, Motor Head, and he’s one of us! Yes, Bill also likes to DIY, you can switch from subjects like reactive loads, to sun gears, motorcycles, fuel injection, and more, Bill’s either right with you, or a step ahead. … Continue reading

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Our electric coffee pot, a favorite ‘off grid’ appliance

Wake up and smell that coffee!   I’ve lost count of all the articles an opinions I’ve read about what’s best for off grid use, there are still some that insist that 12 volts is the answer! They have an investment in 12 volt … Continue reading

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Utterpower Thermostat Housing

A very popular item in the UtterPower parts bin is our custom Thermostat Housing sold to hundreds of DIYers for Lister and Chinese horizontals. Note: The world is not a static place, this thermostat fits the upper coolant port in most all … Continue reading

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