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PID Control with the Arduino

There are times when a feedback loop is helpful to prevent overshoot or wild oscillations of a process, whether temperature, motion, or other type of system. A common solution is a proportional–integral–derivative controller (PID controller). With this Arduino solution, you tell … Continue reading

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Nomad Joatman: Certified in HVAC and AC

Nomad Joatman is a DIYer and motorhead who is HVAC and air conditioning certified.  He lives on a rolling lab of sorts. Folks looking to buy back up power should understand the importance of load management before they buy a … Continue reading

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Air Conditioning & Larger Loads

I receive many emails from folks with 3 ton air conditioners that are told they need a 15kw or larger generator to run their AC and other stuff. I believe it is important to sell people what they need, and … Continue reading

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