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Isaac Tests A DIY Kiss Design

As I often say, the power of utterpower is getting reports from DIYers around the world, what works and what doesn’t. A lot of us like the two bearing generators when we can find them. One thing I like is trouble … Continue reading

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Kiss is Dead? Thermosiphon Cooling

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DvPZdJN30L0 I saw a post on a forum talking about how good water pumps are now-a-days, and how thermosiphon is a thing of the past. I refelected on how many reports I’ve had of burned down unattended engines due to … Continue reading

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Another Lesson in Kiss Engineering

There are a few products I’ve put on the shelf that have been distilled down to KISS to a high degree, (at least in my mind).     I thought I’d share one KISS idea here after visiting a WEBsite where … Continue reading

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Utterpower’s Urban Backup Prototype, headed to a new test site soon.

A collection of ideas from many readers and past Utterpower projects. With the placement of this  generator installation, we add another test site, and our volunteer family will report on what works well, and what needs to be improved.    As I’ve mentioned, our … Continue reading

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KISS Engineered and Simple are not the same things.

I’m not sure that my definition of KISS is the same as the next persons. I think the best example of KISS comes from overly complex designs that have evolved over several generations to become more simplified. The best of … Continue reading

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