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Email of the Day, more on free energy.

Early this AM, I find this in the mail box. I share it because this is at the root of all promises to deliver a free lunch!   Name: Forrest Email: jetkrazee@xxx.xxx Subject: PMG questions Message: Hi, I wondered if you could … Continue reading

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Free Energy! Open Your Mind! Here’s your chance to comment. Saturday 3/24/2012 thought of the day.

            Perhaps you’ve taken the opportunity to watch some of Professor Muller’s excellent lectures (see the previous post).  What it brings to light is what actually drives a lot of major decisions, and perhaps that’s most uninformed voters, and … Continue reading

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Wind, Solar, or the HoJo? Sunday Musings

There’s no doubt in my mind that such a question would be torture to answer for at least half of the people in Washington DC, and sadly enough, that goes for a lot of people in top positions. I’d bet the Vice President … Continue reading

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A Christmas Message to the Free Energy Faithful, Magnuts are everwhere.

  This post was inspired by a comment on a face book page. All that follows is my thoughts which were formed by reading the accounts of men who cherish study with the application of Scientific Principles. Among the most … Continue reading

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Viable Alternative Energy Ideas, Free Energy!

Shocking news from CERN! saved for last 🙂 The opposite of a free energy device that makes more than it consumes is a Government that consumes far more than we make. The first doesn’t exist, and the later won’t exist for … Continue reading

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I’m fascinated by some of the posts I see in forums regarding magnet motors. Today I saw one about a motor that ‘powered’ a motorcycle. Language like this is at the heart of misunderstanding by those who care too little about learning the very basics … Continue reading

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