A Christmas Message to the Free Energy Faithful, Magnuts are everwhere.


Show me the math

Show me the math

This post was inspired by a comment on a face book page. All that follows is my thoughts which were formed by reading the accounts of men who cherish study with the application of Scientific Principles. Among the most powerful set of  tools, we find the skeptical mind, more powerful than all the whores of the world.


Here’s the comment that inspired the post:

Patent office is the last place you go…. that is if you want to get your working idea to the people… who do you think monitors patents to stop them from being released… national security of course….!!! Look up John Bedini, he already is so far ahead you might as well play catchup with him first.

It’s a powerful force that  salesmen of free energy devices  put to work.  It’s the same force that Witch Doctors have exploited for 10,000 or more years.

There’s so much history to note, but one historical account in particular that I enjoyed immensely was about a Religious Cult that grew to surpass one hundred thousand members strong!

Of course.. the High Priests preached they knew the way into the heavens, and even knew what lay beyond, and how to get there.

Membership into the cult was not all that complicated, you needed turn over all of your worldly possessions, and be castrated.

One day.. there was a great ‘falling out’ and the cult completely disbanded and ceased to exist in a few short years.

I always wondered what went through the mind of the last member to join?

Perhaps it went as I see it in my mind’s eye?

“Today we are gathered here to admit a new member into our fellowship, will the master at arms please gather Tom’s worldly possessions, and wipe clean the sacrificial blade. Tom steps forward, hands over his gold, silver, diamonds, and other precious stones, his most attractive female concubines, and the deed to his castle.  He then drops his robe, and the Master At Arms gathers the last of his precious jewels,  slices them off to add to the boiling pot nearby.

Minutes later, the Secretary is asked to give a financial report, he steps forward and reads  the minutes of the last meeting, and recaps the dire situation… “we are broke, and far in debt, the King’s tax collectors will be here tomorrow, and it’s best to stick with our plan to disband. We’ll meet in the South Dining Hall in an hour for a last and final supper, on the menu (as usual) are rocky mountain oysters served with fresh and locally grown vegetables.

I always wonder what it was like to be the last member to join? I figure it was a lot like sending money off to John Bedini or his friends.

Still.. Men wanting to believe is such a powerful force…,countless men will give up their family jewels in the search of the easy road, and so few will bother to turn a single page in a book to study the truth of the matter… knowledge of basic physics. .

Fact is… there is no force or power on earth that would keep the secret of free energy from you. It is only their wish to hate those who deny them access to a free life.

Merry Christmas

George B.






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3 Responses to A Christmas Message to the Free Energy Faithful, Magnuts are everwhere.

  1. Mike says:

    Nice writing !!

  2. Mel Ensor says:

    Hi George, merry christmas. Just read a golden nugget on the free as the wind energy saga. Here in the UK wind turbine owners make more money when they don’t produce electricity than when they do!!!!

    If the grid hasn’t got the capacity to accept wind turbine energy they turn the turbines off but pay compensation for non production!!! This presumably to protect their investment in turbines. World gone mad or what??? Mel

    • George B. says:

      There’s a blue print out there to transfer wealth from the public treasury into the hands of others. At this point, it doesn’t seem to matter if you are in UK, the USA, Europe, etc. It seems the average Citizen will not complain till the cupboard is bare. If you have a link, consider sharing it here Mel, and thanks for your contribution.

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