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Why are Big Wind Farms being built?

SHOW ME THE MATH George’s Grandson Zach is already a great observer, he’s full of questions, and has not yet developed reasons to ignore the realities of economics and hard science. At two years old;  Zach offers up the Chalk…. “Show Me!” … Continue reading

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DIYers… Critical Thinking Skills, and breaking news on hydrogen!

Yesterday I received an email from a fellow that had found my generator test stand video on Youtube and associated it with an over unity video of a motor running a generator. Of course there was electrical energy left over to run a drill press … Continue reading

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Be prepared, cut and stack some wood soon.

DIYers usually know which way the wind is blowing, and they normally know when they’re downwind from the pigs. There’s little mystery in the popularity of the AGW. Can you imagine trying to predict how warm it will be and NOT … Continue reading

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