DIYers… Critical Thinking Skills, and breaking news on hydrogen!

Yesterday I received an email from a fellow that had found my generator test stand video on Youtube and associated it with an over unity video of a motor running a generator. Of course there was electrical energy left over to run a drill press and a grinder, and even though the wires powering all were easily hidden in this video, viewers marvel at the fraud and conclude that Big Oil and the Government are keeping them away from this ‘free lunch’.

He gave me credit for attempting over unity.. but failing to achieve it.  Little did he seem to realize my test stand was built to load test a generator and verify it’s performance, not an attempt to break the >basic< laws of physics.

All we need do is study physics at the weekly reader level to understand that all of these over unity videos and websites are scams, and some are making decent money off willing victims.. Those who want to believe so badly, they’ll ignore reality.

It’s the dream many of us had in grade school, and I remember my Dad breaking the news to me, I was about 10 years old or less at the time and had shared the idea with him. Even at that age, my question was phrased as “why can’t you do this?” as I knew others must have asked the same question.  My Dad was a Car Salesmen at the time, but in the small  school in Broadus Montana, he had taking a basic physics course at the high school level (1938) that gave him all the knowledge he needed to set me straight on the idea. “Son, all you need do is add up all the losses, there’s friction and other losses I can’t explain inside that motor and generator and they more than cancel out the electrical energy the generator makes.”

Looking back on that conversation..  I ask myself, what made my Dad different than  the believers? Maybe being a Farm Boy helped?, but there may be more to it.  How many of these believers are driven to believe based on their hatred for big corporations that screw them out of the free lunch they feel entitled to? Does the entitlement mentality drive this behavior and who feeds it and why? I do know my Dad never suggested I was entitled to much of anything other than the right to keep the grass mowed, empty the garbage, and a few other chores.

Following is an article sent to me, it could be viable someday who knows….. you need read and consider, and we need look at the Author’s credentials. Then we ask ourselves, what is the real value of the article, why was it placed here?

Ready for production huh? Sure thing, it’ll be on the shelves next week…

So let’s look at the Author’s Credentials as She states them.

“Lori Zimmer is a freelance writer, curator, art consultant and the creator of Art Nerd New York- part travel guide, part art history, created for the art obsessed, featuring art sites in NYC beyond the obvious and ordinary.”

Wow! and if we follow the thread, we’ll likely find that entitlement mentality, and the conviction that green energy is free energy.

What’s dangerous is our Kids read this stuff and believe we are on the verge of discovering all the energy we need, all we need do is prevent other energy sources from being developed and we’ll have the magic in our hands.

This article brings a lot of traffic to this website, I am playing into their hands by sharing  a link, but there’s a chance that one person might read this and see what’s really going on.

Media, whether it be old or new could care less about the truth… it’s all about the traffic and the potential revenue an article might generate. At the end of the day, I think the entitlement mentality drives the green movement into the hands of those who would use them for political gain, and the media paves the way.  It’s not because they are in ‘lock step’, it’s more their total lack of ethics, and a willingness to print near anything to sell a magazine or increase viewership. Whoring for Dollars pretty much sums it up, and we need expect that the sharks will take advantage of those who have no need for reality in their life.

Next time you run into the entitled-greenie, check out his/her knowledge of basic physics, you’ll soon discover you only annoy them if you inject reality into the conversation.

And what does a ‘real’ scientist + DIYer  have to say about this article?

“I read about another group that had been doing the
same thing about a year ago.  Using some method to utilize sunlight to
split water molecules to produce hydrogen for feeding a fuel cell.
Haven’t heard anything more since then.  Lots of these announcements are
little more than calls for investment to fund research.”

Remember… there’s nothing good about bad green.










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2 Responses to DIYers… Critical Thinking Skills, and breaking news on hydrogen!

  1. Tracy says:

    What gets me about those people is that they are so closed-minded, they have convinced themselves that anyone who attempts to help them understand the reality is just brainwashed by the “oil establishment” and therefore cannot grasp what they can so easily see.

  2. George B. says:


    You really can’t argue with them, but it is entertaining to let them lead the way in conversation. Sometimes they’ll drag you towards all the wonderful free energy gizmos. No matter how much a solar install costs… in their mind.. it’s free energy.. even if you never ever pay off the investment! Of course Hydrogen will always be magic in their minds too. If you spent $100 to make 100,000 BTUs worth of hydrogen, all you need is a $97 goverment subsidy to make it practical 🙂

    In the real world..Bad green ideas are never good.

    I’d bet this Author wears energy jewelry, and maybe she has a crystal hanging around her neck, and a magnet around the fuel line of her smart car?

    As for your way of living Tracy.. I know one artist who would appreciate it about now.. she and her husband put all their savings into their home. Yes, they live in a very rual setting on a few acres, but the garage and wood working shop they built with their own hands have pushed their property taxes to over $8500.00 a year. No way they’ll be able to sell and get their money back either.. and little chance of finding a good paying job at 63 years of age to pay those taxes. Did we ever imagine it would cost us $725 a month in taxes alone to live in a rual home in the country that we own outright?

    This is a warning to all those headed for retirement.. if you think all that square footage you presently own is going to offer some comfort, you may be wrong. You might live a more relaxed and rewarding retirement in a hole in the ground away from all the worries of being taxed out of it. When your government turns your dollars into pennies in buying power..

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