North Dakota Slow Speed Diesel Oil?

You can find plenty of links including a previous post I made on our oil fields in this region, but you may not have seen a picture of this stuff as it is pumped from the well. This sample was drawn last wednesday by a good friend (Mike B.) You can count on it being right out of the ground, no filtering.

North Dakota Crude

North Dakota Crude


It’s very light, and no reason it wouldn’t burn nicely in a lot of diesel engines.

This light sweet stuff is wonderful, and among it’s many uses is adding it to thicker crude from wells not too far away.  This allows it to be processed together at less cost.

Sure.. there are folks who think any oil is bad.. and we should never make the mistake of forcing them to make use of it.


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5 Responses to North Dakota Slow Speed Diesel Oil?

  1. Looks great Mike – oil companies wouldnt do much at all with oil like that. We have a similar product in Australia they call it “green diesel” comes straight out of the ground without a pump in western desert country in SE Qld Australia – I’m still trying to find out where it actually comes from – a listeroid customer buys it for $0.20 a litre for his engine. He is not keen on sharing the sellers details 🙂

    Some of those Chinese Tamec Taian JDF3200 single horizontal slow engines are used to pump oil in Yemen on small wells and they run on much heavier crude than you show in that bottle.


  2. Mike says:

    Wonder what I could get this by the gallon for $$ ?

  3. George B. says:

    This might be a great fuel for our Farmers. If I had 5000 acres in sunflowers or grain to harvest, I’d sure look hard at running this crude IF I could buy it cheaper. Opps.. I think I see the stopper right now, it’s not low sulphur, it’s not an EPA approved fuel.

  4. Denny says:

    Interesting….beyond the fact that the sweet crude is so pure and ready to use…..why are the storage tanks painted in a “camo” ?

    • George B. says:

      Denny… Cammo paint?
      I’ll guess that someone in the oil business knows what it’s like to look at a big ole white tank from 25 miles away. I’m no cronic bitcher, but it’s just so easy to apply a little paint and try and fit in with the neighborhood. I guess we give these folks credit for that effort. I have seen a few roofs of that shiny metal ruin the view for a lot of people.. So easy to buy green or brown and not annoy other people. A little respect for neighbors goes a long ways…

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