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Veggie Burners

Many are frustrated that the EPA decided to ban our access to slow speed diesel stationary engines by removing  the exemption and forcing tier three compliance. I’m convinced that they burn a variety of raw veggetable fuels with less problems than other engines. There’s … Continue reading

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Nutria, a U.S. export to Shanghai?

Cute as it gets and up to 20 pounds. It’s estimated there are 100 million of these critters in the Southern USA swamps alone, and they’re displacing native animals and destroying plants at an alarming rate.  During the fur trade years, Nutria were … Continue reading

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The Future of Indian Slow Speed Engines

    Petter Type  Jan/3/2011  The following may be a purely fictional post. Names, times and dates may have been made up…  Some eight or ten years back, a Biologist and Fish Farmer in Texas bought two Indian made Petter engines with pumps … Continue reading

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The Columbia University Study of Bio-fuels in the Lister CS.

Learn why we might all benefit from this work, but first I need give you some background. Some years back, I got a call from Professor Modi at Columbia University asking me If I’d be willing to help them source an engine and … Continue reading

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