Veggie Burners

Many are frustrated that the EPA decided to ban our access to slow speed diesel stationary engines by removing  the exemption and forcing tier three compliance. I’m convinced that they burn a variety of raw veggetable fuels with less problems than other engines. There’s little doubt that the DI variants offer more efficiency with petrol fuels, or transesterified fuels.

Here’s an Indian paper you might enjoy looking at if you are interested in SVO.



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2 Responses to Veggie Burners

  1. Charles Beiswanger says:

    Rather interesting report, since I plan to run vegoil when I get set up. I like the point about high speed engine had aluminum piston and slow speed engine had steel which showed less wear due to steel being harder and running at slower speed. I believe I will go with some sort of preheating like I have done in my diesel vehicles, needed in cold weather, engine room would also be insulated.

    • Quinn says:

      It’s good to see a side by side comparison of the two technologies. I wonder whether the difference is attributable to differences in combustion temperature. Seems the temperature in the prechamber within the head would be a lot higher than in the headspace above an aluminum DI piston.

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