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Utterpower’s top pick of Commercial Wind Power information

As my Governor might say, “Windpower is free no matter what it costs” Here’s my top pick for educating yourself about commercial windpower. Remember this site is for DIYers, we have different learning styles, and it’s best we find articles … Continue reading

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Wind Power Math

Doing the Math in Washington State The circle represents a geographical area  in Washington State where we have cheap and abundant Green Hydro AND Wind Power. Some of us will see both of these products as being green and little different … Continue reading

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DIYer (Hands ON) Wind Power

  There’s few areas where it is easier to squander money than Wind Power.   It’s best to study the potential before you invest, there are countless places to learn about ‘your’ opportunity and you’ll find every sort of promise. As with most things, isn’t it best … Continue reading

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Wind Turbines

Same as many other DIYers interested in AE, I have watched the development of wind power for more than 30 years. In my opinion there are two markets here, the big boys, and commercial ventures is an interesting study, and … Continue reading

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