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How Smart are Smart Products? A story told on Thanks Giving.

  Yesterday’s Story is still fresh in my mind, and I’m still processing how typical Product Development is conducted and how I might  do it. Here’s my story for Thanks Giving, perhaps your Kitchen is starting to smell heavenly same as ours … Continue reading

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Chinese Horizontal Diesels, 195, 1100, 1115, 1125 and others

I’ve lost count of the number of reports I’ve received over the years. The Engine completely destroyed itself WHEN the engine ?mounts? failed.   The value of these old designs has been the topic of other articles, but I’ll mention that … Continue reading

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Flywheel Integrity, would you run this one?

There is a lot of mystery surrounding how Rajkot and their slow speed engine market is stitched together. I believe there are people who visit there and leave with little additional understanding of how it all works and what causes the industry to ignore Quality … Continue reading

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Lister Type Flywheel – A Matter of Balance

Understanding how Lister Type Engines are balanced becomes even more important when you are building from parts, I have now either seen or have had it reported to me by reliable sources that they have received totally assembled engines from … Continue reading

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Fitting Gib Keys

This is certainly one of the more important topics regarding the Lister CS engines and other high mass flywheel engines that use the Gib Key as a fastener. We have all heard the stories of a ‘Run Away’ flywheel, and … Continue reading

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Fix that Lazy 6/1 Governor

For the sake of safety, Utterpower shares the Kiss Governor Mod we developed here. Simple? You bet! That’s what KISS is all about. Above: Modification as typically installed. 05/21/06 There are lots of people who have noted the lazy response … Continue reading

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