Lister and Petter Type Parts

updated: 2/2013 

(North America)

There are several vendors of parts in North America. In the USA, there’s Diesel Electric, and if you are on the East coast, Central Maine Diesel.

Diesel Electric (Kansas and  Alaska) has been working hard to stock parts for a variety of reliable Diesel Generator plants and Engines.   There are two or more active dealers in Canada, and one selling the famous Air Compressor used in India, it is built exactly like the Diesel Engine, you just move a few parts and add an injector, you become the builder of an engine should there be any EPA rules or regs, you are on the hook, not the seller.    

As of this month, I have found that some sellers do show up on eBay, and now I see that some of the Indian Companies are offering parts directly from India for a flat shipping  fee. No doubt, they have seen the success of the Chinese doing very much the same, only the Indians have not yet been able to engineer a method to make the shipping costs as reasonable.

If you consider ordering engines directly from India, consider that they need to be parts or kits, completed ‘engines’ must meet emissions standards, and as you know, many DIYers build Co-Gen power plants with emissions added. Indian air compressors contain many of the same parts, and have no emission standards to meet, so the guy in the Customs office is going to have far less to check for compliance. Do understand that all I say here need be verified, as I only repeat stories on the WEB, but don’t we know it must be true, or it wouldn’t be allowed on the WEB!

Lovson Company in India is one company that has proven over time that they are there to support you when you need parts, or you have problems. When you open this link, note the air compressor in the lower RH corner of ‘engine’ images.  They sell the Indian air compressor and you can order a parts kit that has all you need to build that CO-GEN power plant you wanted to build. you might check on import duties as well, in your country, which is cheaper to import, Air compressors or engine parts? Maybe it will influence whether you build one or the other?









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  1. Jeff Thompson says:

    I live in Riverside, Ca. i have search the web for the Lister Flywheel, the only flywheel that i found was in the UK. is there any companies in or near cali that sales these types of motors and these types of flywheels? everytime i put in “flywheel” i get auto type, “damper flywheel” i get cars and heating and air parts. need your help to find these type of flywheels or balance dampers.

  2. George Wright says:

    At your website I read that the ST generator head quality is slipping. Can you elaborate a little as to HOW BADLY it has deteriorated. Before I get in too deep I would like to know this detail.

    • George B. says:

      George, glad you foudn the pages.. things like shaft sizes can be found here :

      I don’t deal in STs any longer as I am not willing to gamble on quality, some good, some not, but agents who sell may have far too little control of what is actually sent to you. I have seen the ST5s vary a full forty pounds! That’s a lot of something to leave out.. I’ve also seen slip rings wobble and wear excessively in some STs, other have provided years of service, a bit of a crap shoot. Maybe you’ll find a dealer that will warranty it, but there’s normally the issue of shipping.

      Shafts? Typically, 15kw and larger use a 48mm, 10-12 a 42mm, 7.5 an 5 use a 38mm, and I have seen a few 7.4 with 42mms, so measure them…

      All the best,


  3. Gary says:

    We stock everything in central Kansas… by everything, I mean each and every piece to build at least 5 different models of the Lister CS designs. These are offered as parts kits (if you want to build a complete machine), or as individual pieces – anything you could need to maintain or modify a Lister. We are also in the process of procuring and shipping quite a number of British original CS Listers and these will be available in limited quantity soon. If you need parts for any other Lister model, we are a full stocking dealer and keep local parts inventories in the millions $. Several hundred original Lister engines also available for parts or builds.

    Gary – Diesel Electric

  4. todd Rana says:

    Looking for LISTER ST2 parts…

  5. Gary Jones says:

    We operate the largest Lister/Petter parts operation in North America. We have excellent coverage for all models including the ST2

  6. Bob F says:

    Gary can I get a flywheel with ring gear through you for a Lister Petter LPW2? I called several dealers and was told no to flywheel and bellhousings? I was thinking of SAE5 and putting a 24 volt DC generator on it? I would love to hear back from you.

  7. Frogmobile says:

    Hello! Love your site, thank you for all the good advice. Please help, HOW DO I REMOVE THE CAMSHAFT OUT OF MY CS 2 CYL 20 HP? Ihave the fly off and the front cover (where the camgear wheel -governor is) off ready to go. Do I need to open the back cam cover as well? The centre bushing is the resisting part and I have no acces to it (the screw pin at the top is removed) Many thanks (I asked few forums but no reply, and the only video on the subject is inintelligible…)

  8. Paul says:

    My CCK won’t start on LP

  9. Paul Zumpf says:

    Looking for parts for a Lister L Petrol engien.

  10. Joe says:

    Good afternoon. Looking for part numbe 202-31031 and g065008. Any idea where i can find these?

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