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UtterPower Collective Of Like Minded People

Note: The following information was retrieved from UtterPower’s archived pages. All information is republished for educational purposes. Any mention of items for sale or prices are outdated and no longer applicable. Utterpower is a collective of like minded people from … Continue reading

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Matt Basinger reports on Mali ‘Shared Solar Services’

There’s an interesting project going on in Mali and I think the concept could be of great interest to a lot of AE- DIYer types in our community. pelengana album Mali has plenty of Mud Huts, but many people there … Continue reading

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The Columbia University Study of Bio-fuels in the Lister CS.

Learn why we might all benefit from this work, but first I need give you some background. Some years back, I got a call from Professor Modi at Columbia University asking me If I’d be willing to help them source an engine and … Continue reading

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