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Chinese Yanmar Clone L100, an interesting change made in later engines..

It appears  there’s a difference between the earlier and later Chinese Yanmar Clones. Thanks to a certain post by David, I was made aware of this change. Look at the two bolts that hold the rocker arm assembly onto the … Continue reading

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Q and A: Flywheels and the Cost of a KWH

Question for George: Hi George, I’m also a big believer in big (or heavy) flywheels. It appears that a weighty rotating mass will smooth the output of a genset. Listeroid engines have such flywheels and are blessed in this regard. … Continue reading

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Utterpower’s Urban Backup Prototype, headed to a new test site soon.

A collection of ideas from many readers and past Utterpower projects. With the placement of this  generator installation, we add another test site, and our volunteer family will report on what works well, and what needs to be improved.    As I’ve mentioned, our … Continue reading

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PMG Frame Building Secrets

Building frames is something that evolves, it’s a combination of looking at other people’s designs and making changes to suit your needs. For the DIYer with limited tools, it’s always wise to look at early equipment as they spent a lot … Continue reading

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