Chinese Yanmar Clone L100, an interesting change made in later engines..

It appears  there’s a difference between the earlier and later Chinese Yanmar Clones. Thanks to a certain post by David, I was made aware of this change.

Look at the two bolts that hold the rocker arm assembly onto the head. Now take a look at the drawing

Now look at the drawing below, this is the newer engine, and has a single bolt fastening this assembly onto the head.


Yanmar Clone single bolt fastener on Rocker Arm Assembly

Yanmar Clone single bolt fastener on Rocker Arm Assembly














I believe David used the 186(SE) designation for the Engine he found the single bolt rocker arm assembly in. No doubt there was a change to the head as well, as the single bolt is larger. David had an early failure with the single bolt assembly, the bolt apparently works its way loose, and can literally snap off. A bolt on either side just makes good sense to me.

These engines might cost you around $700 or more delivered to the Puget Sound area in Electric start form. They are about 8.5 horsepower at 3000 RPMs, and 10 HP at 3600 RPMs. I personally think 3000 RPM was the designed operating speed for this engine, and I believe they run far less hours at 3600 RPMs, the utterpower pulley set with 5 inch serpentine pulley on the engine and 4.2 on the 2 pole generator head makes a great combo when you have a generator head that makes about 4kw, or you want to run at that output or a little more.

Interesting Yanmar Applications:

Articulated UTV

Utterpower’s Tuckster 

Joel Koch’s Chevy

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