Pension Fund Raids, as a DIYer, you know about cause and effect, watch as it happens!

Did you read about the Airlines pension funds defaulting?

Study the basic mechanics!

No doubt you watched your retirement fund lose a lot of prudent investments as the Government literally stole your position by offering people dirt cheap loans (printed money). Your bonds (retirement and pension funds) were paid off with those loans, and the new bond holder was effectively your own government (your competition).

Now we see a new wave of Home loans, the Government is now geared up to destroy your Private, Union, or  Company pension fund by effectively stealing the loans from them. Here’s how it works. Only the government is in a position to steal your funds through the act of printing money, as they offer home loans for insanely low rates of interest, the earnings of Pension funds evaporate, this causes pension fund managers to invest in even riskier investments, and/or burn through their capital to pay out in pensions and benefits. 

Of course, those who support this activity won’t worry about this, as they think the printing press is the source of all money anyway.

My advice, spend that dollar now before folks figure out it’s worth next to nothing. We all need take a look at what this new round of insanity will do to the market as well, who is depending on these loans and modest earnings, and what will default when the Government takes these earnings away from them? 

The Mechanics are pretty basic, but not basic enough for the entitlement crowd to understand.  

Of course you need know that your Government has also made you responsible to help fund pension funds that default, so on top of all the other burdens you already have, you’ll be paying for the pension plans that the Government forced into failure.

It makes you ask.. it’s all so basic, so are these people this dumb, or is it the plan to make us all totally dependent on a corrupt government?




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3 Responses to Pension Fund Raids, as a DIYer, you know about cause and effect, watch as it happens!

  1. CHRIS says:

    I cannot be convinced they are not doing this on purpose. Its been planned for decades. It may be wise to spend what money we have getting a bit more self sufficient.

  2. ken says:

    who isn’t on the entitlement payrole? everything and everybody! don’t take away MY tax cut or break! we subsidize ourselves into oblivion!

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