The Moment of Truth? Who Killed The Electric Car?

Feb 2, 2012

Electric Truck

Electric Truck

The first significant advancement in Electric Vehicles was likely battery technology that allowed you to recharge numerous times, and even allow the cells to set discharged for years without  damage. I think it was a Nickle-Iron cell made by Edison, and the disadvantage was a high self discharge rate, but if it were charged each night, was that a problem?  There were even Bell Electric Trucks used to deliver milk, Ice and more in the inter city and small towns alike.  Due to the lack of customers, the vehicle went out of production.

Today, we see a lot of bloggers cry out that Big Oil, and other powerful entities are killing the evolution of Electric vehicles, who is killing what?

We are at the moment of truth, it’s time to brand the pro EV lobby, perhaps a mark on their foreheads for all to see?

Companies like Tesla, General Motors, have spent a mind-boggling amount of life’s energy (money) creating the Cars the people like Danny Devitio and Tom Hanks lobbied for.

Did you place your order? That nut in the cafeteria that told you it was big oil killing it all, does he have his order in for the Chevy?, For the Tesla? for another EV?

At the end of the day, it becomes obvious that you need a customer in order to sell an EV. California is in the process of forcing folks to buy EVs, no doubt, they know what’s best for people there.

Where’s the orders? Isn’t California full of Very Wealthy people who are Pro EV? What’s Al gore Driving these days? Did big Oil pay him off too?

Don’t spoil the dream! Order now, invest now, why not consider rolling your entire 401K into EV investments? Want to be more diversified than that? Then at least move it all to Green energy investments!

At the end of the day, it’s all about building what people want to buy, and it’s always been part of marketing’s job to identify folks that really are interested in the product from those who can”t afford to buy their own comic books.





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