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Crazy Jerry Has a new project! 110 MPG car..

  It wasn’t that long ago, I was talking to Steve Spense, of Green Trust Org. I think I mentioned Jerry Bartlett’s name to Steve, and he paused.. “Jerry.. you know Jerry?” I guess I wanted to say who doesn’t know Jerry … Continue reading

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Reflecting on the GM90 Design, and other realities.

If you read Sunday’s post, you might know a little more about the design.. are we finished reflecting on Noel’s experience? Do we know what temperature he operates the engine? does he use bleed water, does he use a thermostat? I’m still trying … Continue reading

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Kiss is Dead? Thermosiphon Cooling I saw a post on a forum talking about how good water pumps are now-a-days, and how thermosiphon is a thing of the past. I refelected on how many reports I’ve had of burned down unattended engines due to … Continue reading

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Utterpower Thermostat Housing

A very popular item in the UtterPower parts bin is our custom Thermostat Housing sold to hundreds of DIYers for Lister and Chinese horizontals. Note: The world is not a static place, this thermostat fits the upper coolant port in most all … Continue reading

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Thermostats in Thermo Siphon Systems

The viagra tabs fact is, if you have an opinion it is going to be contrary to another man’s opinion. There have been about four different people point out that there is a WEB SITE(s) that suggests having any kind … Continue reading

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