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A quick note! How Many Shots Have Been Fired Across Boeing’s BOW?

If you read about MCAS, if you read about making a carrier pay a lot of money for a second $28 attitude sensor. Redundant systems are pretty much a standard in aircraft, and it would only be natural to compare … Continue reading

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Subsidies are Bribes

How do you get people to do stuff they don’t want to do? Offer them enough money to do it.  Do I wish I would have bought a lot of Tesla Stock? No doubt. Do I think subsidies are a … Continue reading

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How to wire up the standard stator in a generator

I’ve received a lot of emails from people who have four leads out of their stators, but no clue as to what they are or how to wire them. The typical stator has two windings, you can ohm them out … Continue reading

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An Historic Note? Will Ivanpah be referenced in Literature for one thousand years or more?

Imagine if >you< promised a whole pie and delivered one with three Quarters missing! But imagine further…. what if you told the world it would be the most magnificent Pie of all time, and then it tasted like a slug … Continue reading

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For Sale: Complete Lister generator with PMG for sale!

It’s all a little south of Seattle.   This item sold in 30 minutes, with back up offers, it has a new home in Oregon.. I am buried in projects, and this must go soon, it’s blocking part of the … Continue reading

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A good Lister 6/1 Clone for sale, and an ST head too.

update:  There’s plenty of interest in this post, and not so good of a job of managing offers to date, (my apologies)   I am now confident that Jan (the widow) is not so interested in crating or shipping, I think … Continue reading

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Congratulations to my Cousins Down Under!

  It matters not that your winter is our summer, or that the English language separates us to such a degree. We DIYers have best writing paper a better understanding of fairy dust, and it’s a fact that we tolerate less of … Continue reading

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How Much Work Does Our Electrical Grid Need?

Many of us here have heard of wild lines, and people like me were certain that theses were only found in places like the outback in Australia, or the most remote places.. not true! Gang Greenies have a special gift, … Continue reading

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February 28 Email of the day. Importing goods

My thanks to Russell for sharing his Question of the day. Subject: Help on MSDS Message Body: Good Morning George, I was wondering if you could help me out, I have bought 6/1 Lister diesel on UK e-bay few month … Continue reading

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Rare Offer Utterpower Built LISTGEN-PMG

This engine and generator combination would be on the top of Mad Max’s list, This is the stuff preppers dream of owning..   I have sold only a few hand built Lister 6/1 Gen sets during the last 15 years, and one of them is … Continue reading

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