A good Lister 6/1 Clone for sale, and an ST head too.

update:  There’s plenty of interest in this post, and not so good of a job of managing offers to date, (my apologies)   I am now confident that Jan (the widow) is not so interested in crating or shipping, I think she’s plenty busy making a living as many of us are:  One engine and a generator is spoken for, the other one is available for $2100 cash and carry. If you are in the area, or up for a beautiful fall drive, Give Jan a call at the below number.      

I’ve been following the production of clones for a good many years, and I do remember a period of time when production orders where steady, and the errectors were producing better quality. We always expect others to have different opinions, and those who have engines for sale might tell you theirs are simply the best ever.


Above: Engines as they are presently stored in Penn.  See that ST head in the lower left corner?

One of my concerns has always been the intergity of the flywheels, after that is balance issues, as this is harder for the DIYer to address.

The very best 6/1 I have is at Easton, it has started first crank most years after the snow melts, and has been left in the elements for years! This unit I have is from the same lot as the two engines up for sale here in Penn State.

A customer of mine bought them some years ago, and they are still on the pallet bottoms. He has passed away, and now his widow is putting them up for sale.  I think his wife and Son have all the spares that came with them, and since I’d like to see her recover some money through the sale, I have offered to help.

There’s two engines, they are branded Metros, and again.. out of this lot we found excellent runners, and good flywheels.  There’s also an ST head with the name Power Solutions on it, Joel Koch from Portland Oregon ordered these with the utterpower spec, this should mean you’ll find sealed bearings with proper grease, a better rectifier and more.

The Widow, and the Son are reasonable people, they have a way to load the engine and obviously a east coast sale might save somone a LOT of money in shipping charges. If you want it shipped, the owner will re-crate it for a reasonable fee, they will load it free of charge, and they do have a business address, that does make a difference as per shipping rates, but you’ll need arrange shipping from your end.

As I write this, I think about a friend who ordered an engine and got one terrible flywheel, he’s an ME, so he knew it didn’t ring right, and dug the puddy out to find a flywheel he’d never run. The cost of the spare shipped in from India was a rather enormous expense. Attempt to avoid that situation if you can.

Since I’d like to see this Widow as whole as possible on this deal, I will offer parts I have  at cost or less plus shipping, if you need spares.. again, I think they have the spares sent with the engine. Here’s your chance to start out with what might be a best clone..

I’ve told her to ask for $1800 for the engines, and take a best offer. As for the ST, I have found a difference of forty pounds between the best and  the worst. We need verify it doesn’t have a plastic fan. I’m pretty sure none of this lot did, but best to check..

Please spread the word, let’s help one of our deceased DIYer Brother’s Wives, it’s a good thing to do..

Your contact is (Janice Rowles) at 814-236-1342.

I’d appreciate your efforts to share a link of this post with friends, and old engine forums, I’d like to see these engines become runners in the hands of a DIYer. And of course we should all like to see the widow get a square deal.

Do scroll down to comments, there may be additional (more curent) informaton.

All the best GB.


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4 Responses to A good Lister 6/1 Clone for sale, and an ST head too.

  1. mark hunter says:

    I am looking for another way to contact Janice Rowles about 6/1 engines I left a few messages at posted number I don’t think she is getting them I would like to buy one I live close and don’t want to haggle cash & carry can you help.

  2. I just spoke with Janice a few moments ago. 12:45 pm EST 9-11-2014. She says she has more than 200 offers by email and phone and that both units are “spoken for.” However she has an alternates list in case people fail to appear.

    Wish I’d seen this earlier – I’m only 50 miles away. Have Diesel Truck will travel – lol.

    Looks like you are a success George – I would not have expected anything else otherwise.


    • George B. says:


      I thank you for your update, Handling this on a best offer basis would have been more work for someone. Janice wanted no part of managing a bidding war, so this is the result. I’m always learning, and I will consider a better way of doing it. An important part of the sale, was not to get involved in crating, shipping, and more. I think the volume of calls speaks for the legendary design, and the fact that most all of us would like to help the Widow of one of our DIYer Brothers. Thanks again Vernon..

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