12/2 in Ontario for sale 8/28/14

I’ve had email asking about where to get a 12-2 clone, here’s one in Ontario.

This equipment has been sold, stayed tuned for more opportunities.  

As of 8-28-14, this Generator is for sale.



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2 Responses to 12/2 in Ontario for sale 8/28/14

  1. George B. says:

    $2100 price? It’s lower than a few kits, and better quality than I’ve seen in a while, of course I speak of the engine lot this one came out of.. Plenty of interest at this price, but no interest in managing a bidding war.. first offer gets it..

    I’ll make the effort to take this down or mark sold as soon as engines are picked up.. no reason you can’t ask Jan to keep your name as a back up offer if the first person falls through..

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