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Chinese Horizontal Parts Page

I’m putting this page up as a service to our community of DIYers who have them.   There was a very reliable person in California who was making monthly orders for parts, and he was easy to do business with, I … Continue reading

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Ideal oil temperatures, and engines that might be operating far below the ideal?

                    Above left are SW Lee, a DIYer in Malaysia and his Father on the right who spent his life maintaining diesel power plants during his working days. Lee said his … Continue reading

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The Truth About Oil Additives?

One of my friends who has been a practicing mechanic for 55 years informs me of how much engines have changed over the years. He’s built a lot of race engines, has hours and hours of time on the dyno … Continue reading

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Is It Time To Analyze Crossover Sales?

The Crossover fad appears to be in full swing, and it seems that every Mom wants one, or something even larger? They sit higher, some have the 4WD option, and many are sold in areas where it will never snow.  Many … Continue reading

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David Edgington R.I.P.

How is it you learn of the Men who have the Answers? If you ask enough questions, if you are tenacious in your pursuit, you’ll likely find Men like David Edgington. David has passed away this May 22, 2016; we … Continue reading

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Huge Chinese Singles: recalling my first encounter

During the VN War  years, we visited Hong Kong as a Liberty port. For a young sailor who liked mechanical things, Hong Kong was magic, so much was different, the food, the cars, trucks, buses, trams and more. The water front … Continue reading

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For Sale: Complete Lister generator with PMG for sale!

It’s all a little south of Seattle.   This item sold in 30 minutes, with back up offers, it has a new home in Oregon.. I am buried in projects, and this must go soon, it’s blocking part of the … Continue reading

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12/2 in Ontario for sale 8/28/14

I’ve had email asking about where to get a 12-2 clone, here’s one in Ontario. This equipment has been sold, stayed tuned for more opportunities.    

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