For Sale: Complete Lister generator with PMG for sale!

It’s all a little south of Seattle.


This item sold in 30 minutes, with back up offers, it has a new home in Oregon..


I am buried in projects, and this must go soon, it’s blocking part of the shop door, and there’s stuff outside that needs to be moved in. This was from a batch of good clones.

There’s a number of concerns I have when buying a 6/1, a major one is shipping cost, another is, what if you get a bad part? Poor flywheels are a major concern. The better dealers in India will send you a spare, but the shipping costs can be very high.

This particular machine was a known good runner, a seasoned block, known good flywheels, fitted with new parts, and there’s even spares. This is a stationary set up, heavy Eye Beam frame, electric starter, cooling tower, AND a brand new PMG! Lots of extras on this machine.

You’ll need to check timing, and do a minimum amount of checking compared to a kit. If you find any part is less than a good part, you’ll get a spare from me..  but you’ll get a lot of spares with your purchase.

PMG, drive pulley, Belt, Transfer box, fuel tank, filters, can’t imagine what else you’ll need.

Many people want a PMG, so no need to take it as part of the deal..

You’ll pay a good bit of money just for the steel in the generator’s base.

I’d be quite expensive to ship what’s here, you’ll love the cooling tower.  I’d much rather make a local sale, but if you send an agent, I can load it into a pickup truck or trailer. The starter  was made by a local Fabricator, owner said it provided good service. The generator no longer needed when an off grid family abandoned their property due to job loss. I bought it knowing its history, and place a higher value on it than an unknown new one.

Just a note, Listers are open flywheel engines, they’re dangerous, so what you are buying is an unfinished kit, you’ll need bring it up to OSHA safety standards on your own..  If you are not mechanical, I don’t want to make the sale, unless you have a mechanical mentor in your life.. you’ll get a copy of my CD that covers a lot of Lister topics..

$2995.00 for all, and the opportunity to own a new and totally tested PMG.  Price a kit engine, and shipping to Seattle, and you’ll know this is a good opportunity.

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  1. Claude Lamarre says:

    I realy miss George’s insights on all (everything) that is touched on here. Please say hi back if you are so inclined !
    willing student of a good “student” person
    Claude “all the best George!”

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