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Note: The following information was retrieved from UtterPower’s archived pages. All information is republished for educational purposes. Any mention of parts or prices are outdated and no longer applicable. Why do you rate the smaller PMG at only 3.0KW continuous … Continue reading

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Q and A: Flywheels and the Cost of a KWH

Question for George: Hi George, I’m also a big believer in big (or heavy) flywheels. It appears that a weighty rotating mass will smooth the output of a genset. Listeroid engines have such flywheels and are blessed in this regard. … Continue reading

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The Joys of Importing

I’ll never forget some of the posts a certain fellow in Canada made in a forum about ‘Dealers’ and their Capitialist ways. He showed his complete ignorance of the challenges of import when he posted that a buyer should not have to pay … Continue reading

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Utterpower’s Urban Backup Prototype, headed to a new test site soon.

A collection of ideas from many readers and past Utterpower projects. With the placement of this  generator installation, we add another test site, and our volunteer family will report on what works well, and what needs to be improved.    As I’ve mentioned, our … Continue reading

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Double your efficiency with a VFD!

That’s what one who visits Utterpower’s pages suggests. Here’s an email snippet.. “What I am trying to say is that i think that PMG only requires 1hp electric motor for every 1kw output and that should be clearly seen at the input of the VFD … Continue reading

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Another Off Gridder belts up the PMG

Thanks to Bill Rogers, the Utterpower PMG was designed with certain voltage characteristics that has made it ideal to charge batteries utilizing the build in chargers in the better and more serious inverters like the Outbacks. We believe this is one of the primary missions for … Continue reading

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