The Joys of Importing

I’ll never forget some of the posts a certain fellow in Canada made in a forum about ‘Dealers’ and their Capitialist ways. He showed his complete ignorance of the challenges of import when he posted that a buyer should not have to pay anymore than 10% above the landed cost of the item.

There are so many things that an importer has little control over, and I give one example here.



 I was expecting a few PMGs this month, and then I get an email from my broker that the US AGRA folks had found pests, slammed the doors on the container and issued an emergency order to export the container out of the country!

This is a risk every importer takes when he ships products in a consolidated container, your stuff might meet all the specs, but a single package prepared by somebody else can hold up your shipment for months.

I’m not whining, these are the risks, but there are far more as well. When you see a Dealer with a mark up a little higher than you expected, there’s likely a good reason. 


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  1. Mike O says:

    that same person would have complained if you gave it to them for free. The very same people support forced State ran health plans. Have a good one.

  2. Quinn says:


    Arhopalus sp.: This beetle is native to Japan, Korea and southern China and attacks and kills healthy trees including horsechestnut, many maple species, as well as other hardwoods such as elm, poplar, willow, citrus and birch. So far, its range in North America is restricted to the vicinity of New York City and Chicago, where it was unintentionally introduced in wooden crate material (solid wood packing material [SWPM]) originating from China.

    • George B. says:

      Thanks Quinn!

      Few deserve our support more than American Agriculture. At risk is our way of life and many in the third world that we feed with the productivity we currently have. A single beetle >here< like you describe could be responsible for killing millions of people in the thrid world..

      I have seen pests in crates that had Indian fumigation certificates! I make EVERY effort to burn the crating material as soon as possible as a safety measure.

  3. Paul Martoccia says:

    Those who don’t know, don’t know that they don’t know. The true cost of a high risk venture are rarely obvious to those with no experience. My home state of New Jersey has removed and destroyed (and replaced) over 6500 trees in the north eastern part of the state due to asian longhorned beatle infestation.

  4. Global trade comes at a price – free trade for some protectionism for others – George B is quite correct there are more fees importing than hairs on a cats back. Ask me how I know 🙂
    George have you ever had traces of bark on crates? – they grind it off at the importers expense or alternatively redirect it back from whence it came at your expense. The guy who suggested to you to you should be able to sell imports at 10% above landed cost is obviously “in an institution” and I reasonably suspect is probably an advisor to a government agency 🙂


    Stephen Hutson

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