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Rodent cache-Whitte-oil-pan

Here’s a warning, a situation far more typical than you might know. It was a few weeks back I picked up a 6/1 Engine that had been stored in a garage for several  years. This engine  had never been run. I took the head off and made a short survey of things and found that a Mouse had set up house keeping inside the coolant passages of the head. The upper coolant flange was his front door, and the inside of the head was packed with twine, and what looked like cotton string cut from the bottom of a mop.

The picture above was sent to me by Phil Podkanowicz who bought this old Whitte, and wisely tore it down for inspection before he attempted to start it. the contents of the pan is what he found in the engine’s oil pan!

This is another reminder that rodents like old iron too, and you need keep covers and screens in place.


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