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A good Lister 6/1 Clone for sale, and an ST head too.

update:  There’s plenty of interest in this post, and not so good of a job of managing offers to date, (my apologies)   I am now confident that Jan (the widow) is not so interested in crating or shipping, I think … Continue reading

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Jerry Bartlett (Crazy Jerry) top honors in Mileage contest.

If you are a friend of Utterpower, you’ve heard the name Jerry Bartlett more than once. Jerry recently shared with me that he was making good progress in getting a car ready for a high mileage contest and the results … Continue reading

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Real Changfa Brand 195s for sale

  Real Changfa Brand 195s  for sale: As a service, I thought I’d share there are two brand new (in the crate) 195s in Western Montana for Sale. Over the years, I’ve watched a lot of the imported Chinese Horizontals, … Continue reading

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Watts in your Gen Shed?

Just thought we could have a thread where folks can list what equipment they have put together for their off-grid systems. It may also be educational to know what appliances are used. I’ll start with my stuff. We live on … Continue reading

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Muse of the Day, 10-5, DPF,Stuck Turbos

Do you own one of these EPA designed Trucks? Time to get off the political rant for a bit… I want to call attention to a post Brian made about his $55,000 truck  investment that the EPA mandated value out … Continue reading

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Muse of the day sept 27: The study of Agnotology

This page may disappear like a wisp of smoke, or be altered in some way, but if you catch it in time, I think it’s a great compare.   WE need ask.. is this an extended study of Agnotology? Does Willem  breech any of the … Continue reading

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Email of the Day from down Under.

I always enjoy questions from our Cousins down under. Ever meet a Yankee or Canook that didn’t enjoy themselves when they visited down below? From: Kerin Whitxxx <> Subject: Listeroid Message Body: G,Day  mate, wonder if you can help me … Continue reading

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Shineray 250cc Water Cooled Engine Wiring

What do you do when you search the net and every blog and can’t find the wiring info? What are all those wire leads out of the Shineray 250cc Water Cooled Electric Start unit with Reverse? If someone is offering … Continue reading

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Email of the day March 9 2013, unmolested gasoline.

Today, I borrow a snippet from an email, in my attempt to remind you just how much damage ethanol can do to our older engines. Certainly, you’ll make up your own mind as to the dangers, but I do remember … Continue reading

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What is a CLINK ?

CLINK  /KlinGk/ Dictionary:   To give out a slight sharp short metallic sound. transitive verb. : to cause to clink. In the case of the lister and lister clones, what does it sound like to your ears if  you’ve never heard … Continue reading

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